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Why You Should Love Your Small Boobs

Posted in Body Image by Luxe on June 29, 2010

Kate BosworthA lot of skinny chicks are concerned with their breasts being too small. Scratch that—a lot of chicks are concerned with their breasts being too small! However, skinny chicks are often the ones with this problem. The media shows us slender, beautiful women…. with big boobs. Great. Where does that leave us? With the perpetually “anorexic” or crack addict D-List celebrities and runway models.

But there’s no reason that small boobs can’t be just as  glamorous and sexy as bigger boobs, as well as offering a few perks (haha, see what I did there) to their owners. I found a great article from Glamour (I know, Glamour isn’t the epitome of positive body image) which was written by Sally of Already Pretty. Sally faced the exact same problems a lot of us did growing up:

Post-puberty, after I’d accepted that nothing short of plastic surgery or a visit from the Rack Fairy was going to change my size, I worried that sex appeal and big boobs were synonymous. For years, I longed to fill out a bikini, or convince the girls to cleave or hold up a strapless dress. I was convinced that my boyfriends were stifling complaints about my pert-but-petite set of A-and-a-half’s. When they told me they adored my small breasts, they were obviously just being polite.

It’s easy to be convinced that sex appeal and big boobs are synonymous as Sally says, especially if you pick up any men’s magazine. And it can be difficult to find dresses that don’t bag out and make your look like your boobs are misshapen. But there are a lot of benefits to small boobs which you may not have thought about.

Here are just a few: you can wear deep V-neck dresses or shirts without worrying about looking trashy and attracting unwanted attention, your boobs don’t get in the way when hugging someone, you can wear halter and bandeau tops easily, and you can go braless if you feel daring. Oh, and they won’t droop down to your stomach when you get older and they don’t cause back problems.

And even though you might think that all the typical hot chicks have big boobs, you’d be surprised. Hollywood stars like Olivia Wilde and Keira Knightley have very small boobs, but I always see guys drooling over them. This proves that boob size doesn’t have as large an impact on sex appeal as you might think. It’s true that some guys may prefer bigger boobs, but there are also guys who prefer smaller boobs over bigger ones. Small boobs add to your hotness, not detract from it.

You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t want huge boobs— just a little bit more will do” or “You don’t get it, I’m actually flat-chested.” If you’re under the age of 25, it’s very likely that you still have time to grow. Maybe you’re just a late bloomer. If you’re over the age of 25, having children and general weight gain as you get older will make them grow as well. But you mustn’t let you current boob size stop you from feeling confident about yourself.

Beauty standards are completely fictional and are created by the media. If you look back to the 1920s, you’ll see that flappers, the audacious women of the era, actually bound their breasts to make them appear flatter! Now we look back and think the flappers were so gorgeous and classy, regardless of their boob size. Find a way to embrace your little boobs and make them work for you—whether that’s going with vintage glamour or flaunting them with a deep cut V-neck.

Here are some more resources for you (links are SFW but may have bikini pics):

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  1. MissSweet said, on July 22, 2010 at 5:46 PM

    Thank you so much for this encouraging post! I have very small breasts and fight with self-esteem issues due to them. I’ve started a blog about living with an AA-cup. Feel free to visit me on “Miss Sweet’s Boob Blog”; I’d love to hear your story! How do you feel about your small breasts? Fashion ideas for small breasts are welcome, too!

    • caro said, on August 27, 2010 at 6:25 PM

      I am a guy and really love the less endowed women. I’ve dated AA girls and felt totally happy with them. However let’s not put down the large breasted women by trying to help the ego of the small endowed ones.
      let’s admit it, even if we have small breasts, large ones can be truly amazing. But they surely don’t define a woman.
      Let’s be happy with what God gave us, but not forget also to praise the amazing beauty of generous womanly shapes.

      • Kristine said, on October 4, 2010 at 12:04 PM

        Well, if the big boobied girls out there actually feel bad about their huge knockers by reading this article, then they can make themselves feel better by doing many simple things to remind them how they’re the ideal, like walking down the street, walking into a room, turning on the tv and watching tv shows, commercials, tv movies, blockbuster movies, going to strip clubs, looking at mens magazines, looking at womens magazines (Cosmo, Glamour, etc) even magazines like Bridal Magazine, looking at rap/rock videos, looking at porn, looking at the countless sites online dedicated to women with big breasts, going to places like Spencers and looking at all the posters and calendars dedicated to women with big breasts. So they don’t need to snivvle about the one article dedicated to trying to make women with small breasts feel better about ourselves.

        I noticed you said the women with big boobs have “amazing beauty.” That’s something nobody says about women with small boobs.

  2. caro said, on July 26, 2010 at 2:49 PM

    This is a very exciting and sexy list. I love most of this women exactly because they less endowed, or flat and yet confident and in some case even proud (albeit I doubt they really are).
    I find them so sensual. Thank you!

  3. Sarah said, on October 1, 2010 at 3:32 AM

    Yes yes yes I agree with this post. I have boobs that are too big for my frame and although there’s definite perks to having bigger breasts and I love them, there are for SURE times that I wish they were smaller. There are so many clothes that I wish I could wear and just can’t, like a lot of button down shirts and/or boys’ shirts. Also the fact that I’m a tiny (4’11”) girl with D-cups means that people are constantly mentioning them and talking about them to me. What? Why do they think that’s OK? And small breasts are so pretty, too.

  4. caro said, on October 8, 2010 at 7:08 PM

    fro Kristine: by amazing beauty I meant the overall large women, not just the breasts. There are millions of small breasted and flat women who are stunning to me. No problem at all.
    As years go by I found myself more and more attracted to the larger women, the plus size ones and not just for the boobs. I die for their hips, legs even belly.

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